Go See Mary Poppins Returns!

I confess the details of some things have slipped by me as of late. So, literally up until the week of the screening, I thought Mary Poppins returns was a remake of the original Mary Poppins movie. My boys were quick to inform me that it was actually a sequel…and, boy, were they right!

The movie starts with a grown-up Michael and Jane with their own set of grown-up problems and three little kids stuck in the middle. I also have to confess I wasn’t prepared for the beginning of the movie to center around the death of Michael’s wife and the children’s mother. There are several very poignant moments, and I found myself crying… Yes! Crying at Mary Poppins. 

BUT the joy of the movie far outshines any solemn storylines. One of my favorite things was to look to each side of me throughout the movie and see my boys' faces beaming as they watched all of the silliness and shenanigans that we associate with Mary Poppins. 

You will see many of the same things you remember from the original movie, with some wonderful updates and additions. Clearly Emily Blunt is no Julie Andrews, but she does a magnificent job recreating a believable and lovable Mary Poppins.

You will see updated dance numbers and fun DMX-like bike maneuvers from the chimney sweeps who all travel on bicycles. The storyline still transitions from real-life into animation and a mix of the two together. 

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of the movie were the two cameo appearances of actors from the first movie. The significance was lost on the kids in attendance for the most part. My boys asked me afterwards, "Is Dick Van Dyke really that old now?" I guess he has forever been frozen at Bert's age in their minds. 

I heartily recommend going to see this movie as a family. It's the perfect way to kick off the holiday season or celebrate with extended family while they're visiting. We will certainly own this movie as soon as it comes out on DVD.

My 8-yr-old son summed it up best when he turned to me as the credits began to roll and said, "Thank goodness there are three more stories they can make!" Hopefully, Disney will listen to that refrain and turn this into an entire series covering all of P. L. Travers' Mary Poppins adventures.


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