State Fair: Insider Tips and Secret Savings

By now, you're beginning to see all of your friends post about their trips to the State Fair.  If your mind automatically defaults to visions of dollars flying out of your wallet, you're not the only one. Thankfully, with a little planning, it doesn't have to put you in the poor house or run up debt on your credit card.

First, get a discounted rate on admission.

THEN, use these special insider tips to save in lots of little ways that will add up big.

Bring Your Own Food and Drink

Many people don't realize you can bring in your own food and drinks as long as there is no alcohol, no glass and no knives. If you're pushing a stroller because you have littles with you, this is a little easier. Lugging a cooler around the Fair doesn't sound amazing to many of us, but there are other options . . .

Cheap Ways to Avoid Being Thirsty

  1. Get bottled water for $1 at the Continental Daughters of the American Revolution House (by the front entrance gate).
  2. Soda Refill Stations offer water for 2 coupons (which also equals $1), as well. 
  3. Icehouse on the Midway or Beer Barn at the Cotton Bowl Plaza also offer water for 2 coupons (equal to $1).
  4. Inside the Go Texan Pavilion, the store in the center sells water for $1 and you can use a credit card to pay. 
  5. Icehouse on the Midway also offers beer for 6 coupons (or the equivalent of $3).
  6. Beer Barn over by the Cotton Bowl Plaza area also sells beer for 6 coupons ($3).
  7. The Pioneer General Store in the Food and Fiber Pavilion sells bottled Texas Tea in a variety of flavors, as well as some sodas usually for about $2 each and you can pay with a card.
  8. When the dairy is present in the Food and Fiber Pavilion, you can normally get regular milk and chocolate milk, sometimes strawberry milk, for just a $1.

Eat Without Going Broke

  1. Every Friday, each Fletchers booth is giving out FREE corny dogs to the first 75 people to come by.
  2. FREE samples are offered in the Food and Fiber Pavilion every day, including a full-size Dannon yogurt.
  3. Popcorn and Snickers bars can be purchased for $1 at the Continental Daughters of the American Revolution House (by the front entrance gate).
  4. Visit on Thursdays and take advantage of Thrifty Thursday discounted food items all over the Fair.

Buy Your Coupons in Advance and Save Time and Money!

If I could share one worthwhile tip with you, it would be buy your coupons in advance. One of the worst things to do is stand in line to buy coupons with half of the people attending the fair with you. If you buy online ahead of time, you not only may save some money but you more importantly skip the line and get to having fun much more quickly.

etixThe coupon only package of 100 for $50 is the same price as they will cost you at the Fair. However, if you buy a package that contains admission and coupons, you can save money and time.


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