Forever Value in Temporary Moments

This morning, as we sang worship songs in church asking to be made more like Jesus, I had a perspective-shifting thought.

What about some of the things that defined Jesus that we wouldn't want?

  • Despised and hated by others (Is 53:3) 
  • Mocked (Mk 15:16-17) 
  • Bullied (Matt 27:30) 
  • People made it their mission to make life miserable for Him (Lk 4:28-30; Matt 26:3-4) 
  • Betrayed (Matt 26:47-56) 
  • Abandoned (Lk 22:55-62) 
  • Let down by people He loved and trusted (Matt 26:43) 
  • His own family didn't believe Him (Jn 7:5) 
  • Never fully understood (Matt 16:13-15) 

Have we forgotten this is all part of "being Christlike"?

These aren't the beautiful pieces of our stories, but meeting these things with grace and love and patience and kindness - THAT is the epitome of being like Christ.

He shines brightest when there are holes and cracks and threadbare places in us . . . the very things that result from all of the ugliest, hardest, darkest moments.

Even when we are despised, hated, mocked, bullied, persecuted, betrayed, abandoned, let down, doubted and misunderstood, there is One who has promised to never leave us.

And even though it doesn't make the struggles any easier, there is forever value in these temporary moments.


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