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Just Be Honest . . . JUST BE HONEST!

I can't say it enough… Just be honest! When you love someone, just be honest.
When you make the same stupid choice again, just be honest.
When you are hurt, just be honest.
When you want them to understand, just be honest.
When you're afraid that you're going to disappoint them again, just be honest.
When you're angry and you feel stupid, just be honest.
When you don't understand why they did what they did, just be honest.
When you aren't sure what the response is going to be, just be honest.
When someone asks you a really important question, just be honest.
When you're talking about stupid, every-day details that you don't think matter, just be honest.  Even when you don't feel like it, maybe, especially when you don't feel like it, JUST BE HONEST.

Forever Value in Temporary Moments

This morning, as we sang worship songs in church asking to be made more like Jesus, I had a perspective-shifting thought.

What about some of the things that defined Jesus that we wouldn't want?

Despised and hated by others (Is 53:3) Mocked (Mk 15:16-17) Bullied (Matt 27:30) People made it their mission to make life miserable for Him (Lk 4:28-30; Matt 26:3-4) Betrayed (Matt 26:47-56) Abandoned (Lk 22:55-62) Let down by people He loved and trusted (Matt 26:43) His own family didn't believe Him (Jn 7:5) Never fully understood (Matt 16:13-15) 
Have we forgotten this is all part of "being Christlike"?

These aren't the beautiful pieces of our stories, but meeting these things with grace and love and patience and kindness - THAT is the epitome of being like Christ.

He shines brightest when there are holes and cracks and threadbare places in us . . . the very things that result from all of the ugliest, hardest, darkest moments.

Even when we are despised, hated, mocked, b…

Know How to Use Groupon . . . Coupons?

You probably know Groupon as the place to go and get amazing deals for about half of the regular price, right? But did you know they're also a great place to get coupons?

For example, you can look up Hello Fresh:

We've been using HelloFresh for months. They deliver a box to our front porch every Monday with all of the ingredients we need to make home-cooked meals from scratch in about half an hour. We enjoy a variety of food . . . it's convenient . . . and honestly we save money over fast food and carry-out.

If you use Groupon coupons, you can actually get $40 off your first box and $20 off the next one!

Or you can find coupons for things you are already buying online - Target, Amazon, Ebay, or Walgreens.

Before you buy anything else online, check out Groupon Coupons and see if you can save some more money.