GREAT Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Order Now!

A Rain Poncho - In Texas, we can use a rain poncho anytime of year. We have gotten lots of rain recently and it probably isn't over unless it gets cold enough to freeze all of the precipitation. These are simple and can range anywhere from simple, plain and inexpensive ($3.95) to a fun, kid-themed, high-end version (the OliveKids poncho pictured that runs just over $20.)


Exergen Temporal Thermometer - Some of you may find this to be a very, ahem, unique stocking stuffer, but hear me out. As a mom, I know how difficult it is to take a little one's temperature and how much more difficult it is when you don't know what their temperature is because you can't get them to let you take it. I also know how unhappy children are when they already don't feel well and they suddenly have to hold a glass thermometer in the mouth or . . . even worse, somewhere else. For both mother and child, a temporal artery thermometer would be a very welcome stocking stuffer.

Just run it across their forehead and read the output. That's it!


Do your kids love things with their name on it? Mine do! They love staking their claim over even the tiniest things - like shoes, pencils, bouncy balls, etc. Knowing this, I make it a goal to find things that have their names on them. But with names like Riley, Colt and Weston, I don't find a ton of items pre-printed with their names.

Easy solution to that? StickerYou labels with their names! The great thing is you can upload your own images to even further personalize these sticker labels. Even better, you can also create your own temporary tattoos!! If you have kids under the age of 10, this is right up their alley.

Use promo code 13STICKER to get 13% off your order at StickerYou!

REAL wooden, colored, pencils! If your kids are as literal as mine, they'll be fascinated by these . . . and they're adorable. 

This is a personal favorite of mine. CardNinja has a small attachment that turns your phone into a wallet . . . I don't even carry a purse anymore. You just peel off the backing and attach the expandable, stretchy pocket to the back of your phone directly. It will hold cash, cards, license and more. The stretchy material snaps back so that you don't have a stretched out piece of material that will no longer hold in anything. 

Now, one thing I wish someone had recommended to me was waiting to attach the CardNinja pocket to the outside of a good solid, phone case. Unfortunately, I didn't and now I will be getting a new phone because I shattered my screen this weekend. That now means I will have a new phone with a new screen AND a new case with a new CardNinja on the outside!
CardNinja - $9.95 (as of 12/12/15)


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