2015 Christmas Gift Guide: Item #6 - MORE Books!

I do realize that my gift guide item #4 was BOOKS, but honestly books are such a good gift. They're not super expensive. They're actually beneficial for the person receiving the gift. And you can always buy a different book for the next Christmas (or birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, any celebration really.)

All of the links below are Amazon referral link for the simplicity and continuity, plus FREE 2-day shipping for any of them. you should search to see if some of the other places online have them cheaper, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up. 
**All prices as of 11/22/2015**

So here are some more books, specifically children's books and many of them are Christmas-related which is a perfect way to usher in the Christmas season.

Itsy Bitsy Christmas: You're Never Too Little for His Love by Max Lucado - $7.98

This book emphasizes that your size has nothing to do with how much God loves you. Itsy and Bitsy are two charming little mice that hear a King is coming and enthusiastically set off to see Him.  During their journey, they encounter a lot of discouragement, telling them they are too little and not important enough for any king. Just when Itsy and Bitsy begin to believe that they really aren't big enough or important enough for the new King, they learn that this King has indeed come for everyone. Crafted by master storyteller Max Lucado, Itsy Bitsy Christmas helps children understand God's great love and know that He sent His Son for all of us little or big, young or old.

The Runaway Santa: A Christmas Adventure Story - $15.99

Possibly, the next Christmas classic for readers ages 3 to 7, The Runaway Santa is about a jolly Santa who decides that he wants to leave the North Pole and go on a worldwide vacation. He decides to visit Mount Rushmore and see the stone faces of the presidents. Then he wants to ski the silky slopes of the Swiss Alps. After that, he plans to ride an elephant on a safari in South Africa. While Santa is eager for his adventures, Mrs. Claus isn't so sure he should go. She wants to make sure he has everything he might need. It isn't long before Santa realizes he might enjoy his trip much more if he takes Mrs. Claus with him. After all, she is apparently an expert adventurer herself.

The Night Before Christmas: A Brick Story - $11.15

The classic poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas" is now illustrated with LEGo bricks in this new hardcover book. Your LEGO builders will be fascinated with everything from the colorful stockings hung by the chimney i the large, fanciful brick house to the images of Saint Nicholas, himself, with a bundle of toys and eight trusty reindeer. My boys took one look and then proceeded to argue about who was going to read it and when.

Country Store by Tim Noah Productions - $12.95

The initial offering in what portends to be a new series called Kaddywompas does not disappoint. My youngest boy and oldest boy (or husband if that's easier) both raved about the illustrations in this book. And the book comes with a CD as well. I, personally, adored it because it kept my kids busy and fascinated. This story is mean to help reassure kids that no matter what they face, the journey is worth it and they shouldn't give up.

The Berenstain Bears, The Very First Christmas - $2.74

We just bought this special Berenstain Bears book because we were such fans of the way they truly celebrate the reason for the season rather than allowing the story to be lost in the shuffle as people focus on all of the other reasons that people enjoy this time of year.

The Berenstain Bears learn together all about the very FIRST Christmas and what makes that special.

Tough Cookie - $16.08

When this specific gingerbread man was created, someone forgot the ginger! He has all of the other essential ingredients, but the one thing that makes him who he is the most is missing. In fact, missing his ginger makes this gingerbread feel like he's not really a gingerbread man after all.

He can't be sold in the bakery like the other cookies so he lives in the back room, causing trouble all of the time. He eats the candy that's supposed to be used to make other cookies. He makes messes. Before long, the baker tells the gingerbread man it's time to go, and only then does the gingerbread man realize he's going to have to change his ways. The baker is able to teach the gingerbread man that it's not actually what h has or doesn't have that makes him who he is . . . it's his character.

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