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2015 Christmas Gift Guide: Item #2 - Bright Time Buddies

Okay, so when I tell you about this gift, you can't tell my littlest one, Weston. He is in a phase of life where he is slightly petrified by many things in life - thunderstorms, rollercoasters and along with half of the world at some point, the dark. To further complicate his 5-year-old issues, his room is on the second floor of our house, down its own hallway across from an eerily, empty media room and the attic access!

When my sister told me she was looking for a good Christmas gift for him and I came across this next product, I knew we had an incredible solution to his problem:

Of course, we already have an array of night lights that Weston alternates . . . in addition to the closet light, the bathroom light and sometimes even the overhead light that he leaves on in his room overnight. The real problem comes in when he has a bad dream, has to go to the bathroom during the night or needs something from Mom and Dad. He has to come all the way downstairs and across the house to get to us. But it's dark. So, Weston proceeds to turn on EVERY light between his room and ours - and then they stay on for the rest of the night. 

Enter one of the Bright Time Buddies. They come in several shapes and designs - unicorn, dog, penguin, cat, owl, and even a ladybug - all soft and cuddly, so they can be taken to bed comfortably. But regardless of the shape, the best part is that this nightlight can go WITH you wherever you go. It truly is a "buddie" that makes you feel safe and can tag along when you brave the darker corners of the house. 

Alternating between green, blue and yellow lights or rotating among them, your child's choice of the Bright Time Buddies will provide your child with a subtle, soft glow that allows them to fall asleep. With automatic shutoff after one hour, it will keep your little one feeling safe but not wake them up or bother them once they are comfortably sleeping for the night. 

These do require 3 AA batteries, but that is a small cost to pay for knowing your child feels comfortable and confident being all by himself. 


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