Back to School - 20% Off Label Daddy

This summer has flown by. I can't believe my boys start school a week from this coming Monday . . . and this year, ALL of my boys will be in school for the first time. Be still my little momma heart, my baby is going to be in Kindergarten. I never dreamed we would actually make it here, to this point. People warned me it would fly by but it seemed never ending in the moment. And now here we are and it's happening. I'm so proud of my big boy - all three of my big boys are doing so well and growing so big.

As I prepare for all of the boys to go back to school, I am flying through labels. Labels on clothes. Labels on shoes. Labels on school supplies. Labels on sports equipment. Labels on personal items that sneak their way into school - books, sunglasses, hats, electronics, etc. If you use labels like I do, this is a deal for you - 20% off Label Daddy labels. Use code USFAMILY20 at checkout.

I can swear by these labels. I have used them for camp, to differentiate between toys and personal belongings here at the house, and every year on school supplies. They're washer/dryer safe for your clothes and shoes. They're microwave and dishwasher safe for your dishes. They are extremely durable and don't wear off or fall off without a LOT of work by the child. Yet, I have successfully peeled off labels that have been stuck to an item for more than a year without any residue or difficulty. They have a special laminated coating that gives them extra protection. And the labels are made here in the US and shipped directly to you.

Your kids will love that you can choose your own designs. They can pick from a ton of colors, sizes and logos including Disney, Marvel, and professional sports teams. No matter how unique your child, they can create a label design that fits them perfectly.


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