See Santa - Eat Milk & Cookies - No Wait!

My boys are now 8, 7, 7 and 4. Each year for the past several years we have loaded everyone up and visited Santa. We have done it in all different ways. We have waited in long lines and fought the children from getting into everything we walked past in Bass Pro. We have made a reservation and waited to be called on at Watters Creek.

This year we are doing something different. My boys are older. They understand a little more what this Santa tradition is all about and how it works. They're not quite as smitten with just being in the presence of someone who looks like Santa should.

So tomorrow we will be going to KJ3 Photography in Princeton. Kids that go to these Santa sessions have a chance to sit and talk with Santa, eat milk and cookies, read books and (if Mom and Dad supply them) even get gifts directly from Santa! For $45, your kids will get a half hour with Santa to really spend some time and enjoy themselves. In addition, you will get a disk with 5 edited images for your Christmas memories. There's no waiting. You have a set time and you show up and go in to meet Santa.

Follow KJ3 Photography on Facebook to stay up to date and hear about future specials.

If they can get pictures like this out of your little ones, you'll want to visit them when it's not Christmas too.


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