My Date this Weekend . . .

Potentially shocking fact #1 - I love musicals. There are some people in my life who make fun of me about that, but they're silly. Most of them love movies and are borderline addicted to music . . . so why would they assume that something that combines the two is going to be less enjoyable?

Sunday, my honey and I are going to head down to Fair Park and attend a matinee performance of A Christmas Story: The Musical

Potentially shocking fact #2 - I've never actually watched the movie, A Christmas Story all the way through. So this will kind of be a whole new thing for me.

I looked at this trailer and that got me even more excited:

But it's not hard to get excited about attending a musical at the Dallas Summer Musicals in Fair Park. I've been going since I was a kid. There's a bit of magic in that place. It transports you to all kinds of places and eras and experiences. You generally are there and enjoying them with the people you love the most. Not to mention, the crazy good buffet they serve. Seriously, people, if you haven't done this, you should. They have a whole list of amazing musicals coming - and I'm hoping I'll be able to see many more of those as well.

Merry Christmas . . .


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