What's Your Favorite Cookware During the Holidays? #ad

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We focus so much on the food of the holidays, but without the right ingredients and tools we wouldn't have any of that food. Think back to when your mom or your grandmother cooked Thanksgiving dinner when you were a child . . . was there a certain cooking or serving dish that was always a part of the process? Maybe that's the one item that you want to make sure gets handed down to you.

In our house, my mom had a cast iron skillet that she used for special things like cornbread. I believe it might have been my grandmother's originally. To this day, I still have a fascination with cast iron skillets of all sizes and shapes.

Throughout the last several months, I have been using my Lodge Cookware and it is quickly becoming my favorite set of cooking ware. Not only does it cook evenly and clean up easily, it's also really pretty with no extra effort. I can leave the sides in the dishes they were cooked in and they simply add to the ambiance. (And they eliminate one more dish I would have to clean.)

Here are just some of the ways we have found to use our Lodge Cookware:

The Roaster - lasagna, chicken spaghetti, green bean casserole, mixing bath salts,

The Round Casserole (pictured) - chili, soup, stew, spaghetti, camping (will cause your dish to not be so pretty, but still durable enough to work),

The Ramekin - individual servings of soup, queso or hot sauce to dip, as a cereal bowl in a pinch

And remember between now and January 27th, you can earn these Lodge items for FREE from Market Street as a reward for making your regular, every day purchases. 

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