MelissaStuff is Now Offering Young Living Essential Oils As Well!

I'm excited to begin a new side venture - using and selling essential oils through Young Living. I'm a baby when it comes to using oils but I am excited to learn and share with anyone else who is interested in oils or a more natural way to deal with our families' health.

To begin with . . . I'm placing an order for Thieves products. (You can read more about them in the box to the side.) They have naturally protective properties and I'm planning to use them in my house as well as putting the oil on my boys as we head into the fall and winter sickness-prone months - not to mention the threats of Ebola, Enterovirus and more. You can get this full kit of Thieves products for just $151 which is a really good deal. It includes:

2 - Thieves Household Cleaner (reg. $22 each)
1 - 15ml Thieves Essential Oil Blend (reg. $33.75)
1 - Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste (reg. $9.75)
1 - Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash (reg. $11)
2 - Thieves Spray (reg. $9 each)
2 - Thieves Hand Purifier (reg. $5 each)
2 - Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (reg. $11.75 each)

We have already begun implementing Peace & Calming oil as well as Joy in our house. With a Diffuser you can introduce them to everyone in the home and it seriously helps with the attitude and craziness issues that happen with 7 people, including 6 boys, in the same house.

My next big purchase will likely be this collection of oils to help us through the typically sickness-driven months of fall and winter. It will include:

 Melaleuca (Also known as Tea Tree Oil)
Thieves (I can't have enough!)

This full set costs just about $200 - although each of the items can be purchased individually as well. That's a drop in the bucket when I think about the cost of the OTC remedies, doctor's fees, and prescription medicines we usually buy this time of year.

I'm glad for you to join me as I learn about a more natural alternative to some of the store bought remedies we have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on just in the eight years since we started having children. If I can do it naturally and achieve the same results, then that's definitely the route I'm going to go. Shoot me an email at and I'll be glad to help you make this work for your family too. 


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