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Basics of Essential Oils - What's All the Fuss About?

If you're like me, you've heard people talking about oils and you've wondered what the fuss is all about. Is this the latest trend? Just another flash in the pan that will disappear? Let's talk about it. 
First of all, oils have been used for centuries to help with various ailments. They're much more tried and true than the medicinal remedies we are more familiar with. They're all natural and easy on your body . . . and in my opinion, they smell great. These were all contributing factors in my decision to learn more about oils.
The Premium Kit is the basic set that Young Living offers. It's a great option because you get 10 of the basic oils as well as a diffuser to help your entire household benefit from the oils. (Oils noted with a * should be diluted.)
1. Peppermint* – the two main uses are to alleviate headaches and digestive problems. 
Just smelling peppermint can help get rid of your headache. If that's not sufficient you can dilute a little peppermint in water and then dip your finger in the water and then touch the roof of your mouth. You can also add it to the water you're drinking or rub it on the back of your neck. 
When your stomach is bothering you, you can rub the peppermint oil right over the area that is bothering you and then also put some on your wrists. When you're sick enough to have to lay down, you can also put some on the bottom of your feet.
An additional perk of peppermint is the smell that can be used to cover unpleasant odors, as well.
2. Pan-Away – Alleviates inflammation and pain.  Rub it on sore muscles or an injury . . . even bumps and bruises. It's also helpful on growing pains.
I work out with CrossFit and sometimes I hurt so badly I end up walking like a little old lady. Pan Away can help with that!
3. Purification – Perfect for insect bites. Just put it directly on the affected area. We live in the country and our boys are always having insect issues so this is a huge help to us. You can even mix Purification and Peppermint (8 drops each) in a spray bottle with water to use as an insect repellant as well.
This oil can also be used to neutralize odors.  You can use the diffuser to help resolve any kind of smell issues in your home.
4. Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) – Very common oil used as an immunity booster and for a variety of skin products.
5. Lemon – Disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaning agent.  This is a pure, concentrated version of lemon oil. You can add about 20 drops of this to a small spray bottle of water and use it to clean your house. It will smell amazing and be naturally clean with no extra chemicals.
6. Frankincense – Mood balancer, soothes fussy children, reduces inflammation. This is considered a holy oil around the world which makes sense as to why it was brought to Christ as a gift. It is expensive so you want to use it judiciously or dilute it to help stretch it as far as possible.
It can also be used to help skin breakouts. Mix it with jojoba oil (and even add some lavender) and apply directly to the face. 
7.  Thieves – Protectant, disinfectant, cleaning agent.  This was the first oil I ever tried and it may be my favorite.  It helps prevent sickness and comes in a variety of products through Young Living as well.  Not only does it have these amazing properties, but the smell is awesome - kind of a fall, spiced cider kind of smell. 
8. Stress Away – Great for my boys but works for anyone who has gotten worked up, anxious or is just generally tightly wound . . . they might tell you that's a good description of me! A blended oil that gives you a natural way to combat the every day pressures of life. It contains lime and vanilla, copaiba and lavender to encourage flexibility with life's changes and help restore equilibrium. 
9. Lavender** – Good for so many things. Aches and pains, acne, burns, relaxation. We have a good friend who has a son that has a very difficult time unwinding to go to sleep. She has used lavender successfully with him - after applying the oil and a little weighted pressure on his tummy, he is out in seconds flat!
A great way to apply oils like lavender is to purchase unscented lotion. Add a drop or two of lavender or other essential oil to the lotion and then apply as normal.
10. Joy – this is a bonus oil that you get in the Premium Kit.  I love this oil.  It’s refreshing and uplifting.  I like to rub it right over my heart when I am struggling with finding joy.  It and Valor make a nice perfume too.
Sign up now to get the Premium Kit at this incredible discount. 

You don't ever have to sell anything, and you only have to purchase $50 each year to maintain your wholesale status and keep your discount. Make sure you keep it set to Wholesale, and I would recommend the Premium Kit for your first purchase.


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