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Trinity Forest Aerial Adventure - Ziplining and Obstacle Course Fun for the Whole Family!

Recently, I told you about a new place in town I had heard about - Trinity Forest Aerial Adventure. It's right next to the Southern Cross Ranch . . . and you can actually get a combo pass to both locations if you want.

Last weekend we decided to take our whole crew over and try out both locations. We had an absolute blast. But there are a few things I wish I had known going into the day. Let me start by explaining we took three adults, an 8-year-old, two 7-year-olds, and a 4 year old. The two biggest boys - ahem, men - were the most excited during the planning.

My husband, Joey, and I are the only ones who have ever done any kind of ziplining before and that was when we were on vacation in St. Lucia so we knew better than to expect the same kind of experience. But with six boys in tow, we also knew it would be something that would keep everyone busy.

When you arrive there is a little booth at the front where you get your arm bands. The ones for the Trinity Forest side are color-coded according to the time that you are registered for - you get three hours to do as much ziplining and obstacle course running as you would like. Then if you also have paid for access to the Southern Cross Ranch, you will also get a wristband to indicate that.

First we went to the Trinity Forest Ziplines and Obstacle Course since we knew we would be limited on our time there. It took a bit to get everyone harnessed in and ready for the initial training. You will need gloves and I would recommend bringing your own gardening, work or batting gloves rather than trying to make the free ones they provide work. Our little guys especially struggled with the adult size gloves they provided at various spots throughout the course. I would also recommend wearing longer shorts or jeans to keep the harness from rubbing your legs.

Our 4-year-old was too little to actually do any of the activities on the Zipline or Obstacle Course. What I failed to realize was that once we entered into the course, he wouldn't even be able to follow along with us. Just short-sighted on my part since I couldn't see the course layout, but I was sad that my husband ended up having to stay with him and not getting to participate in the activities with the rest of us. Next time, I would get a sitter or arrange a play date so everyone could enjoy themselves.

You will participate in a half hour initial training course and then be allowed to join the others on the actual courses themselves. The courses are separated by difficult level - Green, Yellow, Blue and Black - similar to ski runs. You must do the easier ones before you can attempt the more difficult, and if you get to a place where you refuse to go on and they must "rescue" you (primarily children would be the ones to do this, I think) then you are no longer allowed to continue on any other part of the aerial course out of consideration for the time and enjoyment of all of the others trying to use the courses.

I have to tell you we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a cooler day - in the seventies - and the course is built into a copse of trees so there is overhang protection from sunlight. However, I would think on most days you would want to bring bug spray, sunscreen and water. There are several water spots along the course where you can get a small drink but being a germaphobe, it's not something I would use.

No one wanted to leave the obstacle course and zipline fun, but eventually our three hours were up. We headed over to the Southern Cross side which has a ton of potential. There is an amazing meeting facility where you could hold a wedding or a family reunion. Outside there is a swimming pool, basketball courts, a pond to fish in, paddle boats, a small petting zoo, a zipline over the top of the pond and even bungee trampolines.
Unfortunately, only part of the area is open every other hour so we weren't able to enjoy most of these features. Hopefully, as the location gets more exposure and the clientele begins to build, this will allow them to provide adequate staff to keep all of the elements open at all times and therefore give the children more options.

In the meantime, follow this link and you'll be able to get tickets for Trinity Forest for Buy One, Get One FREE!


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