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Making Family Memories at the Mesquite Rodeo

I was provided with tickets for my family to attend the Mesquite Rodeo in return for this review. 
All opinions contained herein are mine, and you should know by now if I'm anything, it's honest.

This one turned 7 and we celebrated at the Mesquite Rodeo!
The Mesquite Rodeo plays a pivotal role in my childhood. We went as a family. We went with our school. We went with our church youth group. I went from being fascinated by the animals to totally ignoring the activity in the arena and spending the entire time flirting with whatever guy was my latest obsession.

So when I got the chance to take my family this past weekend - I was super-stoked. We took our boys a few years ago but they were so small that they don't really remember much, and we had to leave early because they got cranky.

But this time I was determined to make the most of the opportunity. We loaded up our household and headed over early. The rodeo begins at 7:30 and the doors open at 6:30. There are several activities for everyone to enjoy during that time. Face painting, pony rides, barbecue, drinks, shopping, pictures and even a mechanical bull ride.

Two of the highlights of the rodeo for us are the Dash for Cash and the Mutton Bustin'. Both are for children, but if you want your child to have a chance to participate in Mutton Bustin' you will need to register them at the information booth on the East Side of the arena prior to the start of the rodeo. (Kids must be less than 55 lbs. in order to qualify, and only 8 are chosen each night.)

We actually had TWO boys chosen to do Mutton Bustin' - the other two were actually too heavy to qualify, but they did participate in the Dash for Cash, albeit unsuccessfully.

Our newly 7-year-old and our 4-year-old were excited to be chosen to ride the sheep. Unfortunately, I don't think that the 4-year-old actually had any clue what was going to happen.

This is what he looked like before the event started . . . 

and this is what he looked like immediately after.

Big brother did really well - came in second to a 9-year-old girl who had done it 3 times before, but he was still quite disappointed. So while watching these boys perform was quite the highlight for us adults, the end result didn't look super pleasant. Thankfully, since these pictures the boys have discovered they actually DID enjoy themselves. 

We were finally able to stay until the very end . . . it was a fascinating night at the rodeo. All kinds of craziness as you can tell by the transfixed gazes of our children. 

We will be going back to the rodeo on a regular basis moving forward. The kids actually signed up for the Mesquite Rodeo Kid's Club. By registering, they will get a FREE rodeo ticket, special prizes throughout the year including a birthday gift and tickets to other events held at the Resistol Arena in Mesquite. Plus, anytime they visit the Rodeo they can get a special gift by just showing their Mesquite Rodeo Kid's Club Deputy Card.

Sign up today and start making your own family memories at the Mesquite Rodeo. 


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