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No shocker if you're a regular reader that I am a bargain shopper. I work hard to find good deals and when I am successful, there's kind of a buzz that comes from finding that deal and buying something that we need while maintaining the integrity of our budget.

So outlet malls are familiar to me. Although I have to confess that frequently the purported "savings" of outlet malls can be found - or sometimes even better savings - at the regular stores during clearance sales. But I still visit the outlets . . . I still hunt for those amazing deals - and they CAN be found.

This past weekend I was invited out to the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets to participate in their VIP Shopping Special Weekend. (You can sign up for FREE to be a part of their VIP shopping club!) I was given a $100 gift card to see how far I could make it go.

I had some additional help because there is a regular coupon booklet you get for being a VIP - from the customer service desk of the outlet mall - and it has specials like 10% off Auntie Anne's and Buy 3, Get 1 FREE at Great American Cookie.

Then there is a special VIP Weekend discount list that I have to tell you was GREAT!! Most stores had 20% off your entire purchase and it was generally stackable on top of any in-store sales or offers.

A few of the special discounts were dependent on spending a certain amount, and the tip I'll give you is that I took a friend. Together it was much easier to get to that minimum spend in order to get the additional discount without wasting money on things we really didn't want or need.

Here's a sampling of our great deals:

Yankee Candle:
Large Yankee Candle - regularly priced $27.99, Outlet pricing $13.99 each

My Purchase = 3 Large Yankee Candles (a Christmas "set" with apple cider, pumpkin and baking smells) which was 60% off because it was a Christmas item + a gift for Mother's Day + 1 Tarts Wax Melt = After discounts and extra 20% off coupon, my total was less than $26 for all of it

Boys Size 12 Lucky Jeans = regularly priced $39, Outlet pricing $19

My Purchase = After discount and extra coupon, my total was just at $12

Banana Republic:
I almost don't know where to start with this store. Everything in the store was a minimum of 50% off the lowest ticketed price, so I was able to get items for $5 - $7 and then with a $100 purchase, we got an additional 20% off.

Easter Dress (reg. price $105) = $19
Men's Dress Shirt (reg. price $89) = $12
Men's Collared Shirt (reg. price $69) = $7.50
Ladies Dress Pants (reg. price $89) = $7.50
Sunglasses (reg. price $98) = $9.99

Sak's Fifth Avenue: 
Men's Dress Shirt = regularly priced $168, outlet pricing $9.99
Can you believe that?

I did AMAZING on these offers. I can't tell you how excited I am. Or how blessed I felt since funds have been tight lately and I was able to cover all of our missing Easter pieces with these sales and the $100 gift card I was given.

I promise you we will be back out to the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets even though it's not close because some of those stores and some of those sales just can't be found anywhere else.

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