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A Sit-Down Restaurant with an Outside Play Area - YES!

Frequently, we find ourselves caught between eating at a sit-down restaurant and eating somewhere that has a play area where our kids can entertain themselves and not drive everyone at the table batty with their restlessness.

So I was thrilled to find a sit-down restaurant that has an outside play area this week - I must have driven by this specific Joe's Crab Shack a million times and never noticed. But when we pulled up and unloaded, my boys made a beeline for the play area even though it wasn't quite 60 degrees outside yet. They do have a porch and heat lamps, but we chose to sit inside. The kids area doesn't have a way to get out without coming into the restaurant unless you climb over the wooden railings. It's fine for slightly older children, but if you have younger kids you would need to sit within eye sight of them.

Make no mistake though when it warms up soon - we will be back. Even if it's just for drinks on the patio or dessert, if I don't have a sit…

One of My Kid's Favorite Gifts from Christmas . . .

As parents its hard to know sometimes just what gift is going to resonate with your child the most. We all do our best to pick things that match their interests or seem to fit with their personality . . . but the truth is we all know its a crapshoot.

This Christmas I gave all four of the little boys in my house their own set of Lovable Labels with their name on them. We don't have super common names in our house - Riley, Colt, Weston and Brenton - so my kids aren't used to having anything with their names on it.

But their faces lit up when they found these in their stockings:

You can get the same kind of thing for your kids atLovable Labels today!

Print this Coupon - Save $5 at SpeedZone!

If you've never visited SpeedZone Dallas, you're missing out! This indoor and outdoor activity park has high octane thrills you won't find anywhere else. Go Karts, Vertical Looping Coaster, Putt-Putt, Arcade, and even Johnny Rockett food can all be found in this one place. In addition, they even have Private Meeting/Banquet rooms and picnic pavilions that are the perfect venues for birthdays, parties, corporate parties, events and team building, and family gatherings. 

Right now, you can get an additional $5 off your visit with this coupon. 

**Please Note: You MUST print and bring this coupon with you as SpeedZone does not accept virtual or mobile versions.