Buy from Global Handmade Artisans and Support Another Family this Christmas

Look at the gorgeous wrapping paper you can purchase from NOVICA. Several months ago, I reviewed an amazing dress that can be worn as a long, trendy vest or wrapper. I've worn it many times since then and always get an array of compliments when I do.

Today, I purchased some of the handcrafted wrapping paper . . . I can't wait to use this to wrap packages for my friends and family. I know they'll love the idea that not only do they have beautifully wrapped packages but the wrapping also helped support other families around the world.

This package is just $17.99 right now, and there are a couple of other options that are just gorgeous and priced up to $27.99

The best news is that I have a $25 gift certificate to give to the first person who sends their NOVICA purchase confirmation to - can't wait to see what you order. There's so much amazing stuff!

Keep an eye out - even though this prize has already been claimed, there will be more offers in the future with NOVICA.


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