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HOT: Exclusive Offer on Silhouette CAMEO and Accessories (Black Friday Prices!)

You can get a Silhouette Cameo cutting system for just $240 on Plum District right now. That's cheaper than you can get it anywhere else . . . it's at the prices we were seeing for Black Friday.

And then you can get downloadable patterns to go with your new Cameo at a discounted rate as well with this offer on Plum District:

$18 for $30 or $30 for $50 towards any downloadable designs from Silhouette

Give Personalized Gifts this Christmas - and Get Additional Items for Just $5

You may have heard of Thirty-One . . . I had - my friends have bags, they have had some parties, but I really didn't know what all the fuss was about until I got my first two bags a couple of weeks ago.

I got two completely different bags - the Retro-Metro Weekender Bag in Teal Mod Dot:

And thisCindy Tote which is a perfect fit for my phone wallet (in an outside, easy-to-reach pocket) and my laptop. Plus it's personalized to make it that much more "me"!

Now, I get it. These are my two favorite bags out of the I-couldnt-tell-you-how-many in my house. 
Thirty-One is a company that does parties where you can earn FREE items by introducing your friends to the latest designs and patterns of Thirty-One to your friends and family. 
Or if you really love the company, you can become a representative for Thirty-One and make a great income sharing these with other people. I have a great representative that I work with and she would be wonderful if you need to place an order, h…

Buy from Global Handmade Artisans and Support Another Family this Christmas

Look at the gorgeous wrapping paper you can purchase from NOVICA. Several months ago, I reviewed an amazing dress that can be worn as a long, trendy vest or wrapper. I've worn it many times since then and always get an array of compliments when I do.

Today, I purchased some of the handcrafted wrapping paper . . . I can't wait to use this to wrap packages for my friends and family. I know they'll love the idea that not only do they have beautifully wrapped packages but the wrapping also helped support other families around the world.

This package is just $17.99 right now, and there are a couple of other options that are just gorgeous and priced up to $27.99

The best news is that I have a$25 gift certificate to give to the first person who sends their NOVICA purchase confirmation to can't wait to see what you order. There's so much amazing stuff!

Keep an eye out - even though this prize has already been claimed, there will be more offers …