Gattitown Visit - Food, Games, and Busy Boys!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Gattitown in Frisco. We had been to the smaller location in Mckinney, but I didn't know what to expect from the larger Frisco location.

My boys were excited the minute we walked in the door. I was quite glad that the food was the first thing we encountered because I'm pretty sure if not, we would never have gotten them back to sit down and eat.

We ate first. The salad bar was very well-equipped and my boys - both big and little - were pleased with the pizzas, including the dessert. You can request your own type of pizza and we, of course, had to test that out.

The only thing that was slightly disappointing in the food area was that there were two Icee machines, but neither one worked. However, the disappointment was short-lived as we left the food area and entered the game midway.

Since all of the boys are 7 and under, we have spent many hours in Chuck E Cheese and the like . . . I dread those visits and can't leave fast enough. But I actually enjoyed the games at Gattitown. They had games for all ages from little ones to adults. Our boys bowled, drove bumper cars, shot Star Wars bad guys and rode virtual motorcycles. It kept them busy for a long time.

My personal favorite was the virtual coaster. While it has definitely seen its better days and is well worn, I didn't dream I would enjoy any activity at Gattitown the way that I did that ride. My 7 year old and I laughed together and screamed together. It was a great memory and I love that this was something we could do inside at our convenience.

We didn't realize until we were leaving that we had missed two eating areas when we first arrived - one was set up like a theater and was showing a Disney movie on the big screen - the other had a huge screen with the football games for the day showing. I could see both of these being great options for us as a family. We'll have to check them out the next time we go back.

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