#CelebrationofLights and Santa are in Watters Creek NOW!!

This last week my entire household dressed up and headed over to the Watters Creek shopping center in Allen to see Santa. There was no wait when we went and we were able to walk up, climb directly into Santa's lap . . . and ask for an iPhone 5. Yep, seriously.

My six-year-old who has to this point been considering options that include Silly Slippez, PS3 games and LEGOs chose that moment to bust out with the biggest wish he could think of - an iPhone5.

The adults all had to laugh when Santa's response was, "Well, son, that's the one thing we DON'T make at the North Pole."

Interestingly enough, this is the child who had a horrible day at school that very same day. Horrible enough that I had spent almost an entire hour on the phone with his teacher after school. So when Santa said, "Be Good!" Momma had to take the moment to point out that if his days continued to be like they were that day, Santa would be bringing coal and not toys. Then, said child's chin quivered and tears gathered. I am convinced I am the only mother who has ever made their child cry on Santa's lap. We'll see if that lesson sticks or not.

After Santa, we were treated to some holiday snacks and hot chocolate and then the light show started. My boys love Mannheim Steamroller so they were thrilled with the music alone and then when the lights started syncing with the music, they were enthralled.

Check it out for yourself . . .

We'll be going back and taking family with us . . . so fun AND I can get my Christmas shopping done while everyone else is entertained.


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