My Experience with the Tundra #Toyota

I had the privilege of driving a Toyota Tundra all week this week . . . and we even drove the entire family to Waco for Labor Day weekend.
I was originally worried about being in a car for three hours or so without our trusty DVD entertainment system - available in the new Tundras just not on the model we drove - but my boys did great. They begged to ride in the Tundra throughout the week rather than our family vehicle.

It did give us a chance to learn some fun new things about the Tundra:

On our way back from Waco, we stopped and picked up a load of firewood.

The truck drove great even when weighed down by an entire cord of wood. It held up well - we unloaded all of the wood and couldn't tell we had ever had anything in the bed.

We were all a little sad to see it go this afternoon. But we're holding out hope they'll invite us to partner with them again soon.


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