Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Week Two Results

I have officially completed the "cleanse" phase of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

First my thoughts on the cleanse . . .

#1 - It works. You can tell it's cleaning your system out. However, I didn't feel sick or like I was running to the bathroom.

#2 - However, I did discover the weekends were hard for me to stay on "clean" eating. We go out. We eat out. I don't work out. So combining that with the cleanse did cause me some stomach problems. I think if I would have just stayed on the track I was on, it would have gone without a hitch.

#3 - After some research I found a recommendation to mix the Herbal Cleanse - Fiber Drink mix with juice. It was a HUGE help. I used mango juice and peach juice which were both way better than the plain water. The original recommendation was for OJ with no added sugar.

#4 - The biggest surprise in this first stage for me was the effect that the cleanse had on my skin. It was very noticeable to me . . . as was the opposite effect after the weekend of veering off plan. If I can figure out exactly what is causing the change, I'll be a consistent purchaser of that product moving forward.

My weight has stayed pretty steady - or rather I gained a couple of pounds back and then lost them again. Overall I'm probably about 6.5 lbs down overall.

Now on to the next replenishment stage . . . next post, I'll share the steps involved in this phase.

Would you be willing to try out the Advocare 24 Day Challenge? If you're interested you can visit the website or call 972-412-1525 to learn more.


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