Advocare 24-Day Challenge - Week Three Results

The third week of my Advocare 24 Day Challenge was an interesting adjustment.

The vitamins, pills and supplements you take are easy to follow and understand. I didn't have any kind of negative side effects. The only thing that was an adjustment for me was that the pills make me AMAZINGLY full and if I ate normally it was like just finishing Thanksgiving dinner. I literally had to lay down after the first couple of meals I felt so full.

I quickly learned that if I would just eat less, I was just fine . . . which I'm pretty sure is the point. And I lost another 1.5 to 2 lbs as a result. LOVING the results I have to say.

I even convinced one of the members of my family to try it out. That's a high recommendation right there.

The cost is about $40 for 2 weeks of this product - but so far I have been pleased with it and would definitely find it worthwhile to jumpstart a weight loss plan or when you hit a plateau along the way.

Now to finish up the last few days. Once I'm done, I'll do measurements and weigh so I can let you know the overall total losses. Woo-hoo!

Would you be willing to try out the Advocare 24 Day Challenge? If you're interested you can visit the website or call 972-412-1525 to learn more.


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