It's That Time Again . . . Tips for Shopping Kid's Consignment


And next week one of the big ones opens here in the Allen/McKinney area. In fact, I can't tell you how excited I am that they invited me to come shop early and try out the sale. I can't wait to share with you what I find.

The Courtyard Marriott in Allen 210 E Stacy Rd
September 6 - 8, 2013

If you don't shop consignment, you're missing one of the best ways around to save money on your child's wardrobe . . . and even Christmas. 

While my children were small, I shopped consignment almost exclusively. I could get the best brands and the cutest, trendiest clothing for dirt cheap. 

Here are my top recommendations for successfully shopping a kid's consignment sale. 

#1 - Know what sizes your kids are currently wearing and will soon be wearing
This was a little easier for me because I have three boys very close in age, so if it was a bit too small or big I could pass it on to a different child. Put the sizes in your phone - shirts, pants, shoes. Without fail I would assume I knew. Of course I knew what size my boys wore, I was their mom . . . but did Colt just outgrow the 9s or is he just into size 9. Dadgummit.

Also remember, these clothes have been worn and washed. If you're going to err, err on the side of buying bigger sizes. They can always grow into them but there's no easy way of making something smaller work.

#2 - Try to come without kids
If you're a stay at home mom this can get tricky, but you might even try trading off with another mom. Consignment sales can be a lot of fun but they take some concentration and that quickly becomes not enjoyable when you have one or more children wanting your attention or getting into trouble every time you try to stop and look at something. 

And if you shop early, most of the time kids aren't allowed in these sales anyway.

#3 - Leave the kids, but bring the stroller
I know that sounds ridiculous, but I haven't found any better way of carrying the amazing amount of clothes, shoes and toys that you will find but on a stroller that you can push and still keep your hands free. Beware, the aisles aren't huge so don't bring the triplewide version. Bigger is not better in this case. 

#4 - Start with the largest size clothing you need (and buy ahead)
I don't know why this is but the older the child, the less clothes that are resold at consignment. And when there isn't much there to begin with, there's really not much left once the sale starts. So work from the largest size down. Then go to toys and accessories - unless there just happens to be one specific thing you MUST find. then look for it first and then start with the largest size clothing.

The other thing I've done very successfully is buy ahead. My oldest child may be wearing an 8, but I'm going to look at the 10s, 12s, and maybe even 14s and 16s. There aren't as many moms shopping for children in these sizes and the prices are usually really good. My kids aren't picky and like I said I have three boys so the odds are good that someone is going to use it. 

#5 - Shop multiple times
If you shop the presale (there are a variety of ways to get in - check it out here) you'll have the best selection of everything. If you have a specific need you are going to want to shop as early as possible to increase your odds of finding what you need. You can also find items that are super low priced early on but they'll get snapped up and won't be there very long.

But if you're looking for the best deal possible, you will want to go to the half-price sale. Some sales even have a 75% off sale. You'll be shocked at how much you will find - and the prices are CRAZY good at this point. 

After you shop, pop back in and let me know what you found!

Here's the schedule for JBF Mckinney:

Thursday, Sept 5th
4:30 pm      Consignor Presale + 1 FRIEND
5:30 pm     Prime Time Shopping $10 cash/adult (This is AVAILABLE to the PUBLIC) Free Admission Passes not accepted during this PreSale
6:30 pm      TEACHER PreSale  (bring Badge or Daycare Identification)  + 1 FRIEND
7:30 pm      First Time Parent/Grandparent & Foster Parent PreSale + 1 FRIEND (please bring the email confirmation you received when you signed up)
No children except nursing infants in a sling at the presales please
Friday, Sept 6
8am Parents of children with Special Needs
9am-8pm OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, $3.00 Admission (or bring Free Admission Pass from email newsletters or Facebook)
Saturday, Sept 7
FREE Admission
6:00pm     Consignor 1/2 price presale
6:30pm     1/2 PRICE SALE, $5.00 admission,  AVAILABLE to the PUBLIC (items without a star are 1/2 Price!)
Sunday, Sept 8
Half Price Day!! 
(Items without a star are half price)
8:00-12:00pm OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, FREE Admission
We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. (Cash is preferred).


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