Get Ready for School with Customized School, Sports Team or Children's Name Items

Plum District has a great offer today for an online store called They allow you to customize an array of products with your schools logo and colors, your child's sports team, or even just the family name so you can wear it to everything!

The best part is that the Plum District offer gives you 50% off. You're going to be glad because once you get in there and start looking and creating things, you're going to want to buy one of everything.

I mean how adorable would this tank top be? I'm tempted to just put "Carlisle" at the top and it be my shirt that I wear to all of their events.

Hurry, though, since it's a Plum District offer, it's limited time availability.

Share this with all of your friends from school and see who came up with the best shirt at the next football game!


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