What's Your Plan for . . . ?

This post was sponsored by Instagrad. It contains my honest opinions of this service.

Someone asked me yesterday how in the world I anticipate paying for three children to go to college . .  . and I realized, I don't have a plan for that.

I guess I assumed over time our finances would eventually grow to the point that we could pay a significant chunk. And then there's scholarships and if needed student loans. But I don't have any savings plan.

But I was introduced to Instagrad recently and realized there was an easier way to purposely save for their college education.

Girl Saving for College

Accelerate your child’s college savings!

Find money . . . it could be hiding in your garage or attic! As parents, we frequently get tired of our kids receiving the same gifts over and over again. Instead of another toy or an outfit your child won't ever wear, you can use Instagrad as your personal fundraiser to help you accrue funds for their college. 

They even have carefully crafted fundraising campaigns for special dates. You can connect your child’s profile with friends and family, enable the campaigns you like, then sit back and watch your savings grow!

Boy Reading Books Dreaming with College

It’s easy and just takes seconds…visit Instagrad and try it out for yourself.


  1. What a great idea!! Since we're living on a tight budget, and who knows what the state of college grants and loans will be in 15 years, we need all the help we can get in order to save for my son's college. Not to mention the fact that I plan on going back to school myself!

    My mom actually opened a special account when my son was born, and instead of buying gifts that he'll outgrow, like toys and clothes, she contributes money to that account for his college fund. How nice it will be when he finishes high school and already has his own money to pay for college!

    I think that more people should be doing this, especially with a website like this that makes it so easy!

  2. Ѕo much for trying thiѕ myself, Ӏ'll never be able to manage it. I'll just

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