Disney: Vintage Mickey T from Resurrecting Vintage

This shirt arrived in the mail from Resurrecting Vintage this week. While our whole crew is planning Disney outfits, my husband has been the sole hold out. He isn't dying to plaster Disney all over himself, and yet he doesn't want to be the only party pooper either.

So when I saw this shirt I knew this might be a perfect solution. Sold on Etsy by Resurrecting Vintage this is a red and black vintage Mickey shirt originally sold by Disneyland in the USA.

This is actually a picture of him in the shirt and he loved the softness, the relaxed broken in look and the  not-so-glaring look. I'm actually excited that it won't shrink or distort in proportion when I wash and dry it.

Now if I can just find about 6 more just like this . . .


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