30% Off on Creative Memories - Order TODAY!

If you're a Creative Memories fan, you will want to jump in and take advantage of this great sale.

Order TODAY and you will get an impressive 30% off albums, pages, storybooks, and more.

After January 8, the discount drops to 20% which is still respectable and that offer lasts through the 21st.

Since this is such a great sale for the basics of scrapbooking, I'm actually doing a catalogue show. {ahem} I adore Creative Memories stuff but have to get the best deals possible and hosting a show is one of them.

So if you are needing some stuff, looking to get started or just love me so much you want to help me out, I would love for you to place an order TODAY!!

You can go online to the Creative Memories website and look for my consultant - Christie Gotti. The site has been experiencing some difficulties today because of heavy traffic, so if it's much easier please email Christie at CJ1World@yahoo.com or call her at 214-514-4702 and tell her Melissa sent you.


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