Forgot a Gift? Stressed from the Holidays? {GIVEAWAY}

So as Christmas rolls to an end how are you feeling? Did you forget a gift for someone? Or feel like you've been through the ringer and just need a break?

I have the perfect solution - Massage Envy. We have used Massage Envy on a fairly regular basis over the years, and would be thrilled to use them more often as budget allows.

You can get a last minute gift certificate or treat yourself for just $50. You can also get a $75 card so the gratuity is also covered or a $150 gift card which will cover a 1 1/2 hour massage, upgrade, gratuity and more.

I got a gift card myself and cant' wait to get it booked for as soon as I can get in . . . and because it's Christmas, you can win one for yourself or that person you forgot to get a gift for.

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