Show Your Kids You Caught Santa In YOUR House!

So, full disclosure, one of the huge reasons I've been missing in action for a couple of months is because I started working fulltime for Plum District on their national sales team. I get to work with amazing companies to bring you some of the deals that you get so excited about. (If you have ideas or know of a good company, please email me!)

Here's one of my offers that I actually have mentioned to you before here on the blog. I Caught Santa is such a fun way to participate with your kids during the holidays.

Check out this offer - you can create FOUR pictures of Santa in your living room, in your kitchen eating cookies, even on you roof with his reindeer . . . all for just $10.

Show Your Kids You Caught Santa Coming Down the Chimney!

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Yes, Virginia there really is a Santa Claus and we have photographic evidence.
In three simple steps, iCaughtSanta can help you turn a typical Christmas morning into something spectacular! Want Santa by the Christmas tree? Coming down the chimney? Eating milk and cookies? Sleeping on the sofa? Stealing a kiss from Mommy? For less than $10 anyone can bring back the wonder of Christmas and be a hero to children by catching Santa "in the act." 
Proving Santa is real is simple. Just upload the picture you want to use (of your fireplace, your Christmas tree, etc.) onto the site. Using iCaughtSanta's easy-to-use online program to superimpose Santa or another favorite character onto the picture. You'll be left with picture perfect proof!

Melissa C.
My kids will LOVE the fact that we caught Santa in the act!
Melissa C.
Dallas: Collin County, TX


A personalized picture from Catch a Character is the perfect gift for any child because it shows PROOF that their favorite fictional character is not only real, but was actually ‘Caught on Camera’ in their very own home! Kids will be amazed when they see the "proof" and you'll be a hero! Choose from their world famous cast of characters including Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and The Tooth Fairy.


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