$28 for a Sonic, Musical Toothbrush for Your Little One Shipped

Today's offer coming straight from me . . . is $28 for a Sonic, Musical Toothbrush for Your Little One shipped!

This has sold really well today. It's hard to get kids to brush their teeth and especially for the recommended amount of time. With this toothbrush, the music plays inside their mouth and they know to brush until it stops. You'll be laughing I'm sure when they start it over and keep brushing.

69% Off Children's SONIC Electronic, Musical Toothbrush, Including Shipping

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Your kid has toys for bath time, and stuffies for bedtime... but what about toothbrushing time? Make this daily routine something to look forward to with today's delightful offer from Smile Bright.
Their electronic, SONIC musical toothbrush for children plays upbeat, happy tunes for two minutes so kids can have some fun and get into the beat while taking care of their pearly whites! With soft bristles that are gentle on young gums, and a kid-friendly power button, this electronic toothbrush removes up to 75% more plaque in the hard-to-reach places than a manual toothbrush. 
Teach your child about oral hygiene in a way that's actually enjoyable!

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