The Dry Bar

I know you can't tell on my blog, but I don't have the best hair around. I mean there's nothing really wrong with it, but it's not glorious, long, thick cooperative hair by any stretch. 

I have a lot of hair, but I have the finest hair of anyone I've ever met. Think baby wisps and you'll have an idea of what my hair is like fresh and clean. It slides right through your fingers - and all hair accessories - and lays as flat and close to my head as it can get. Whenever I have a new hairdresser, I always have to laugh. Every last one of them thinks they can make my hair cooperate, curl, lay right, be full, not stick to my head . . . and they all fail miserably.

This week I had the chance to go over to The DryBar in the Shops at Legacy. If you've never been in there, it's a long "bar" where there are a host of stations where your mixologist can create a new look for you primarily using a hair dryer. The look book had a host of fun options and it had been an extra stressful day so I was looking forward to a bit of pampering. 

And, I have to say it was a fun experience. The hair products they used smelled good, the girl was super nice and they had free Wi-Fi so I was able to use my computer while she worked on my hair. {Beware though hair products sprayed liberally in the air create a very sticky monitor and keyboard.}

In the end, I wasn't crazy about the look of my hair. It was fairly flat on top - as it usually is - and the spiral curls that she painstakingly placed in my hair were already wilting just in the walk from the store to the car. The look didn't last but it was fun and they were super accommodating. If I needed a little assistance with my hair in the future, I think I would go out to the Dry Bar and request that they do one of their up-dos. I'm pretty sure that's one thing my hair can do correctly. 

Thank you to the Dry Bar for inviting us out to experience their services.


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