Oogie Loves?

I feel like I should start by apologizing. I don't mean to fall off the radar here on the blog, but if ever a time in life was overwhelming, this just might be it. 

But in the midst of Africa chaos we have had the chance to do several really fun things.

Just this week, we went to the premier of a fun new kids movie, I had the opportunity to try out a new hair treatment and the whole family went on a fun outing together.

My goal has been to get everything pulled together "early" so that as we approach Departure Day (August 10) I can have plenty of opportunity to remember whatever it is I am forgetting and get it all done. But in the midst of that my poor kids are spending some long and not so exciting days hanging out at the house.

Our Monday outing to see an early screening of the new Oogie Loves movie was just the right solution. I can't tell you the details of the movie as they aren't released for the general public yet. (Ha! Doesn't that sound like we're just fancy pants getting all kinds of inside scoops.) But I can tell you that my boys had a really good time.

The two older boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movies. If you ask them what they want to do, at any given time there is answer is likely to be "Go to the movies!" But even for them at 5 and 6 it's sometimes hard to sit still through the entire movie, and for our 2 year old it just isn't possible. One of the best things about the Oogie Loves movie was that they actually encourage the kids to participate. They teach them fun sayings, songs and dances to do and then at certain times during the movie, the kids are encouraged to stand up or move to the aisle and join in doing those things with the Oogie Loves characters.

I was a bit worried initially when my 6 year old told me he had seen a commercial for Oogie Loves and he "hated" it. I'm not sure exactly what he hated, but after having a discussion about watching the movie BEFORE we made a decision about what we thought he happily participated. Afterwards, I asked him what he thought and he enthusiastically said, "It was a lot of fun, Mom!"

The other big positive for me was that this was truly a G rated movie. Not a G rating where you wonder if the ratings people even watched it before they gave it a rating, but truly just not much of anything to object to. I think there was one scene where one of the characters burped or passed bass - not my favorite topic, but of course my boys laugh hardest at that. And then one character has a recurring issue keeping his pants from falling off, and that's turned into a running joke throughout the movie. But, in all honestly, that's as objectionable as it could possibly get. There's no violence or interpersonal conflict - not even the cartoon kind. And there was a complete absence of inappropriate language, innuendo, or ugly behavior.

I can't encourage you enough to support this movie when it comes out in OOgust {August}. If we moms can show the movie studios that we appreciate good, clean movies maybe they'll be motivated to make more of them!

Thank you to the creators and producers for Oogie Loves for inviting us to this fun activity.


  1. I agree. This movie is getting such bad ratings by the critics. It is a wonderful movie for very young children


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