WAY Late . . . Bad Mom?

This weekend we had Colt's 5th birthday party. It was a blast and I will share all of the fun details with you.

But in the process of getting all of that put together, I went to look at what I posted about Weston's birthday party.                                           That's right - there was a whole lot of NOTHING. I can't believe I completely forgot to post.

Well, let me share now. Better late than never, and since he can't read he won't realize there's an issue, right?

Weston LOVES to eat, and when I found a lady who decorates donuts like this - I knew we had to have a breakfast birthday party. Instead of cake we chowed on donuts, and these are every bit as good as they look.

This boy is so precious. He loved his gifts and was super excited over each one. I don't even think he knows what half of them do. But he got a sports themed NapBag (from OC Daisy), a Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle, a couple of movies, and a remote-controlled truck.

But by far my favorite gift was this special book we ordered . . . it was a personalized book all about Weston. Unfortunately, that picture seems to not have made it onto this computer. I'll upload and tell you more about it tomorrow when I find the pic!


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