In the Phone Booth

Remember how Clark Kent used to go into the phone booth and emerge as Superman? That's a little bit how I've felt lately.

You know almost five years ago now, I quit my job in marketing to stay home with my 17 month old and my newborn. In many ways, I turned my back on the business world. I got rid of most of my clothes, got used to a completely different scheduled and looked longingly at people who had the freedom to leave the house and go to a place of business to accomplish something.

As the kids have gotten a bit older I have dabbled with some work here and there just to keep my brain busy. But everything I've done has been super flexible, generally laid back and centered around my home.

This week however, I feel as if I walked into the phone booth . . . I got on a plane and flew to San Francisco to attend national sales training for my new position as a national sales manager at Plum District! Most of my work will be able to be done from my house with the occasional trip out here to get together with my team and do some training.

It really is great news on so many levels and I am thrilled. As I speak, I'm kicked back on the hotel bed with my computer in my lap, the tv on and peace and quiet. That's a blessing for a mom of three boys, let me tell you.

The only change you will see is that I will no longer be able to post about any other online deal sites. I will still bring you sales, special offers, reviews and all the craziness that is what makes MelissaStuff - just no more Groupon, LivingSocial, or any of the others.

But you will absolutely have the inside scoop on all Plum District offers and promo codes. I'm excited about inviting you along on this crazy adventure of my life.


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