How to Shop Outlet Malls and Save the Most!

I totally would have thought I knew the best way to shop, even at an outlet mall. My advice would include:

1. Do not shop at peak times.
2. Do not take small children along if at all possible.
3. Always shop the clearance racks even at the outlet mall.
4. Know what the regular price is for the items you are looking at. You could pay MORE than normal for something at the outlet mall if you aren't careful.

However, on Saturday I was invited to a blogging event at the Premium Outlet in Allen, TX just off of Stacy Rd. I literally drive by this mall EVERY day but haven't shopped there in forever because it is always busy. I have been getting about the same deals there that I do in the regular stores on the other side of the highway . . . that coincidentally are never quite as busy.

But I learned an awesome tip that I never new about shopping at the Outlet Mall.

There are Outlet Mall coupons!

You can print them out from the Premium Outlet website or sign up for the VIP club (for FREE) and get them in the mail, in your email and even in the management office.

Using these coupons (and my save-the-most tips up top - lol) I was able to get two pairs of shoes from Nine West for $50 total. That's might be a little bit more than I usually pay for shoes, but it's an incredible deal for Nine West.

There's a whole slew of coupons for July and August - most of them 20% off any regular price item. Woo-hoo!


  1. I believe it's Premium Outlets not Premier


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