Ever Heard of KLUTCHClub?

Until recently, I hadn't.

OriginalWhen they contacted me about doing a review, though, I was intrigued by what they offered:

Indulge in $50 worth of expert-curated health, wellness, and fitness products, delivered right to your door. You'll get healthy food and drinks, workouts and apparel, skincare products, supplements, and more!

Trying to eat healthier and stay in shape has not been the easiest task with three boys and a husband that would rather eat fast food than pretty much any other food option.

I received a box of snacks from KLUTCHClub that also included a yoga DVD, and the entire crew dug in. There was trail mix, coconut water, energy bars . . . the list could go on. I loved the fact that I could try out the products without having to spend a bunch of money on each of them because there were definitely some that we didn't care for at all. But some of it was a great option and I would absolutely purchase it again in the future. 

Normally these monthly boxes cost $18 a month if you go month-to-month or as little as $16 a month if you sign up for an entire year. (The cost always includes shipping to the contiguous 48 United States.)

The best news is that for the rest of today you can sign up through Plum District and try out your first box for just $12! (And there's even a spot on their site to check out the latest boxes.)


  1. Im so obsessed with these subscription a month clubs! I have birchbox already and if I sign up for all the ones I want my husband would kill me. ha. I love idea of a box a month that promotes health and fitness!


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