Cottonwood Art Festival is Really Cool!

If you are looking for a fun outdoor event that is different than what you do every other weekend - here's a great one!

We attended the VIP kickoff for the Cottonwood Art Festival tonight. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but we were VERY pleased. The Cottonwood Park where the event is held is gorgeous - large beautiful trees shade all of the tents and the entire event sits on the banks of a calm, peaceful tank of water.

Not all of the sculptures, paintings, and artistic renderings were on display tonight but the ones we did see were amazing. If you are looking for any kind of home or yard decor this would be the ideal place to see a variety of options and find something that would be perfect.

While the kids are looked inviting and I think my children would enjoy it, I did realize while we were there that the events cost 1 to 4 tickets. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere where it told me how much those tickets cost. The events are fun so hopefully the cost won't be prohibitive.


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