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High Value Coupons for Gentle Naturals

Love these Gentle Naturals products - and these high dollar coupons will help you get great deals on them.

FREE Sample of Tide New Pods

Vocalpoint is offering a fun new sample of Tide PODS - a great stain-fighting detergent. Hop over and get yours before they run out.

Memorial Day Sale at ScoreBig!

If you haven't used your ScoreBig credit that you purchased from Plum District, this weekend is a great time to do that. You don't want to let them expire. They're far too valuable.

#1 - Make sure you're registered at ScoreBig.

#2 - Find the event you would like to attend.

#3 - Decide what amount you would like to offer. The value that works is usually 10-20% less than the "retail" value ScoreBig shows, but feel free to try more. I've gotten tickets up to 70% off before.

#4 - Enter your voucher number. Your card WILL NOT be charged if your offer is not accepted. But you will not be allowed to make another offer on those same exact tickets until 24 hours have passed.

If you do not have a voucher, you can use the code MDS10 and you'll get $10 FREE towards your first purchase.

Or you can purchase a new voucher right now at Plum District - just $6 for $30!

Extra 20% Off at Halfprice Books This Weekend

Running some errands today and stumbled into this sale.Woo-hoo!

Book Tour: Lynn Rush's Wasteland Trilogy

As part of the tour, Lynn Rush is providing a free copy of her short story, Prelude to Darkness. Follow the link for your FREE copy of the prequel to the Wasteland Trilogy

I love to read . . . and forever have a stack of books waiting for me to get to them. But when I was approached about participating in the Wasteland Trilogy book tour, I was eager to see what this book genre was like. These books are paranormal romance novels - that means if you were a fan of tv shows like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Charmed you will be right at home with these books.

My husband will tell you - so I guess I might as well confess - that those are all right up my alley. I could spend long hours in front of the television wrapped up in the ridiculous drama of Charmed and all of the angels, guardians, and dark figures in their storyline.

I'm just a few chapters in to the Wasteland Trilogy series, but so far I am quite drawn to the way they are writt…

Kids Shoes Less than $5 at Children's Place and Gymboree

Stopped in our local mall yesterday just to see what was on sale, and lucked into some AWESOME deals on shoes.

Children's Place had the majority of their shoes (excluding sandals and flip flops) on sale for just $4.99. I got dress shoes, school shoes, and some adorable deck shoes for all three of my boys.

Then we went to Gymboree just down the way, I figured I was full up on shoes. But they had up to 70% off with an additional 25% off everything in the store. I got a pair of hightop canvas shoes with flaming basketballs on them for just $3.85! And another really cute pair of white canvas shoes decorated like baseballs for around $8.

If you need shoes, you need to go by these stores this weekend.

Donate $25 to Help Others for FREE!

I know that title is a bit confusing, but it's a really cool opportunity.

Have you ever heard of micro loans? They are small loans that when put together with other small loans create enough capital for someone in an impoverished area of the world to start or sustain a business. Then from the profits of that business they pay back that loan and you are able to loan it again to someone else who needs it. Cool idea, huh?

Right now you can participate for FREE at Kiva! An incredible, anonymous donor has donated FREE $25 sponsorships so you can try out the process and see how it works. The $25 isn't for you and you can't cash it out, but you can choose where to invest it and then track the success of those individuals.

Go over and check it out! It's a wee bit addicting.

Do You Know Your Bible? Apply Here.

I have to say I'm a bit surprised by this new game show being put out by The Game Show Network. The American Bible Challengewill challenge teams of three in their knowledge of the Bible. Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, this game show will be a bit different because the teams will win money for their favorite charity.

Producers are looking for teams of three people who have competitive spirits, great personal testimonies, a familiarity with pop culture—and, of course, a vast knowledge of the Bible. They will be in the following cities on these dates:

Sacramento: May 18th - 19th Los Angeles: May 18th- June 3rd Atlanta: May 25th - 26th Chicago: June 1st - 3rd Dallas: June 1st - 3rd

So local peeps you better be representing our city well! Apply here today . . .


Today I watched my middle child walk down the aisle to the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance for the first time. My arms held my 2 1/2 week old niece who weighs less than 7 lbs. and her twin sister was being held just down the row.

I didn't think I would cry, but when they put up a picture of my almost 5 year old little boy next to a picture of him in the first few weeks of life I couldn't help it. Oh how people try to tell you that time flies, but the dirty diapers and the tearful days, the screaming that interrupts your sleep and all the body functions that inevitably end up somewhere on you make each day seem like an interminable lifetime of its own. And then weeks, months, years go by and you look up and realize you don't have any babies any more. And what you wouldn't give for one more time to kiss their cheeks, or see their gummy smiles - to hold them fast asleep in your arms and know that in that moment all the world is perfect for them.

It's crazy to think tha…

$10 FREE at Eversave

I know I'm partial to a certain deal site, but as a deal blogger I have to keep an eye out at all of the options.

One I've used quite a bit is Eversave. Right now, when you sign up with this link they'll immediately credit your account with $10. It can't hurt and you may just find a deal you love that you can get for FREE with this credit.

Let me know if you find an awesome deal there!

Swimsuits that Fit YOUR Body

$40 for $80 in Designer Swimwear
Ugh, trying to purchase a swimsuit after kids is a challenge to say the least. If you're dragging  one or more children along with you . . . it's a recipe for disaster!
I found this site and was thrilled with how they help you find the right bathing suits just for your body type. Some of the suits can be a bit pricey but with this deal I would definitely spend the money to have a suit I feel good in.
 And if the suit arrives and it doesn't fit or you just don't like it on you, Swimspot has a great exchange policy - it's FREE! So try as many suits as you like until you find the perfect suit for you.


When I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was headed for a 90 minute massage on my last FREE day before a summer filled with three crazy busy boys, there were definitely some envious responses.

I arrived at the location - conveniently only minutes from my home. The atmosphere was inviting, calm, peaceful with the lights turned down just enough to induce a restful mood. I was offered a water or a glass of tea and then shown my way back to the treatment room.

Let me tell you I've been to some pretty seedy massage facilities. I'm all about deals, but sometimes a "deal" isn't such a winner after you arrive at the location. It can be dirty, distracting and even feel unsafe. This experience was exactly the opposite.

This might sound like a spa visit that would cost hundreds of dollars, but I was actually visiting the Massage Envy - Craig Ranch location where massages start at just $49! (The introductory rate for the hour and a half that I had is $74.)

My massage thera…

Need Another Photo Canvas? Less than $25!

Once you get one of these photo canvasses with your own photograph printed on it, they're almost addictive. Personally I'd rather have them than mess with having a large print made, matting it and framing it . . . and hoping my kids don't knock if off the wall and bust the glass. (You can read other stories of people who feel this way here.)

Easy Canvas was one of the first deals I ran at Plum District - and it was HOT! Well, it's back and it's at a great price point.

Normally $89.41, you can get this 16x20 size canvas for less than $25 with the code MONTHOFMOM.

Shipping is just a flat fee of $10 so this is really a good deal when you consider that it allows you to create a great keepsake and make your own piece of wall art in the process. It would make an awesome Mother's Day gift.

Cottonwood Art Festival is Really Cool!

If you are looking for a fun outdoor event that is different than what you do every other weekend - here's a great one!

We attended the VIP kickoff for the Cottonwood Art Festival tonight. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but we were VERY pleased. The Cottonwood Park where the event is held is gorgeous - large beautiful trees shade all of the tents and the entire event sits on the banks of a calm, peaceful tank of water.

Not all of the sculptures, paintings, and artistic renderings were on display tonight but the ones we did see were amazing. If you are looking for any kind of home or yard decor this would be the ideal place to see a variety of options and find something that would be perfect.

While the kids are looked inviting and I think my children would enjoy it, I did realize while we were there that the events cost 1 to 4 tickets. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere where it told me how much those tickets cost. The events are fun so hopefully the cost won'…

Art. Drinks. Food. Dancing. DATE NIGHT!

I'm not supposed to be on the computer blogging as we should be leaving for date night in a little over an hour. The house isn't clean for the sitter. The kids haven't been fed. I haven't gotten dressed, done my hair or my makeup . . . but I wanted to tell you what we're doing tonight.

Recently I blogged about the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson - tomorrow and Sunday. It's a FREE event and they have lots of fun activities especially for the kids. You can read more about that here.

But tonight hubs and I are headed over for a special VIP party at the Cottonwood event. The invitation said - Dining. Drinks. Dancing. Since that's way fancier than any of our date nights usually, we decided it would definitely do double duty.

I'll report back and let you know about it, and we plan to take the kids in the morning to the actual event where they can paint, draw, create, work with pottery and much more. I really think they're going to LOVE it.

Better go…

Split Pack! {Giveaway}

Do you have more than one child? With my three, I can't tell you how tired I am of having to purchase three of everything. Frequently I resort to making things generic - like embroidering a backpack with "Carlisle" instead of one of their first names. But there's just something about seeing your own name on something.

So I'm all about the new Split Pack being sold by Lovable Labels. You get one large value pack of labels with one design and TWO names! I was able to get two of the boys names on them and they loved it.

The package includes 15 Sticker Labels, 40 Slimline Labels, 12 Shoe Labels and 24 Press n' Stick Clothing DOTS™. 

Normally $49.95, you can win your own split pack right here:

a Rafflecopter giveawayYou need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.

Maty's to the Rescue Again

We've had our share of cruddiness around our house. Lots of sneezing, running noses, sore throats, and nasty coughs. We've used the chest rubs so often that even my littlest one (just turned 2) has been requesting Maty's All Natural Baby Chest Rub before bed.

I love that it smells good and it seems to do just as well as the "medicated" versions. Can't tell you what fans we are of these Maty's All Natural remedies!

You want to hear the best news? They are now available from Walmart! You don't have to shop online or find a specialty store; you can pick them up just around the block.

Love. Follow. Be Like Christ.

Love. Follow. Be like Christ.

Yeah, most of us have heard those commands.
Maybe we would even say that we do our best to do those things.
But do we really?

What about that person that just absolutely drives you crazy? Maybe they're loud. Maybe they're immature. Maybe they're a know-it-all.

How do you respond to them? Irritation. Aggravation. Avoidance.

Or maybe you don't stop there, maybe you "vent" to others. Or maybe they become the butt of your jokes.

The bottom line is that they are ostracized, sidelined, ultimately rejected.

Yet, the example we're supposed to be following was completely different. Ephesians 4:2 says, "Patiently put up with each other and love each other." Seriously, it says  "put up" with them.

That doesn't mean bide your time until you can run to your circle of friends and dump all the frustration and anger that's been stewing. It means being patient, kind and just plain getting over it when they annoy you. 

Force …

Scottish Rite: Donate and Get Paid by Cotton Patch

What a fun way to contribute to a worthy cause! 

When you give $25 to Scottish Rite Hospital, Cotton Patch will give you a $25 gift certificate to any of their restaurants. This deal is good through May 13.

The donation process is pretty simple - just log intowww.tsrhc.orgor and donate. 
I haven't had a chance to get over there yet, so someone let me know if you get a printable certificate or if you receive a physical gift card through the mail.