An Octopus Garden?

Seriously. There is such a thing.

This week I had the incredible opportunity to go out to the SeaLife Aquarium in Grapevine Mills Mall to see their new Octopus Garden. It was amazingly beautiful.

This is Eleanor - the main attraction in the Octopus Garden. She is a giant Pacific Octopus - at only about a year old, her "arms"(not tentacles) extend about 5 feet in each direction. Eleanor is stunningly beautiful when she extends her arms in every direction and exposes her underbelly up against the side of her aquarium.

I can't wait to take my boys out to the aquarium to see the amazing sights there. The sunken pirate ship theme will draw them and I have no doubts the wonderful aquarium staff and the fascinating sea life will keep them enthralled.

With an ocean tunnel that allows you to see aquarium life in a full circle surrounding you, 30 incredible tanks and more than 5,000 sea creatures the Sea Life aquarium is the perfect stop for your family. Admission is $19 for adults, $15 for children ages three to 12.  For more information visit or call 1-877-819-7677.


  1. I think my grandkids would really enjoy something like this. I only wish they had one closer to where I live.


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