HOT: Feeling Left Out? Get $5 Tickets for Any MLB Game!

I know some of you were feeling left out when I posted earlier this week about the $5 for $40 in Texas Rangers tickets - which is still available by the way!

But, now you don't have to feel left out . . . you can get $40 towards tickets to ANY Major League Baseball game.

Here's how it works:

First, you sign up for ScoreBig with this referral and get $10 FREE credit.
Then spend $5 to get a $40 voucher (good for most teams and games - check ScoreBig listings)

Once both of these are set up, you can find the game you are interested in and offer what you would be willing to pay for tickets to that game. ScoreBig guarantees at least 10% off the face value of the tickets. You put your voucher code in the promo code blank at checkout, and you will find out immediately if your offer was accepted. If your offer is not accepted, your card will not be charged and your voucher code will remain available to be used.

Super fun! Get a great deal and let me know what great tickets you're able to get!


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