Brazilian Wax . . . Mommas Trust Me, You Need It

Okay, kind of a personal topic this morning, but I have to be honest with you. I'm not big on pain nor do I like to spend unnecessary amounts of money. Therefore I had never tried any kind of waxing thinking it involved both and I was doing just fine with my razors.

Then someone asked me to try out their services for my blog - so I had a full wax from chin to underarms to legs to Brazilian.

It was a different experience. Kind of close up with someone you don't know real well at all. And I'll be honest some of the waxing is a bit uncomfortable at first - kind of like pulling off one large bandaid.

BUT it has been well worth it. First my hair grew back much less thick and dense everywhere. It grew back slower as well. And I found a freedom to not have to worry about whether I remembered to shave or trying to cram in a shower so I could shave before I went somewhere.

With summer coming, it's absolutely going to be worth it to get a deep bikini or Brazilian wax on a regular basis. Mommas, how many times do you run out of time to shave before you go to the pool with your kids? Or think you did a good job shaving - albeit you only had 3 minutes with the kids screaming at you - only to get to the pool and be mortified that you missed a LARGE section? Or shave your bikini line and then your child repeatedly tugs on your swimsuit exposing what you didn't shave?

I'm telling you Mommas, you need to try this out and Depil Brazil is super clean, professional and thorough. They're the perfect place to start out at and this is a great price too.



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