Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Seriously, Chicken Dinner . . . that's what we had last night and it was great. Normally my husband grills or smokes our chicken so I must admit I'm a bit spoiled, but we didn't have time to heat up the grill the other night so we had to resort to baking.

Baked chicken is not really anything I get excited about. But recently I received some Char Crust: All American Barbecue rub. According to the box it helps Seal in the Juices.

I'm not sure it quite seals in the juices, but the outside of that chicken tasted delectable. I was literally licking my fingers and disappointed when all I had left to eat was the tender inside meat that didn't have the rub on it.

There are several flavors and it claims to be able to be used on everything from fish to beef to chicken and even on vegetables! We will definitely be trying more options and on more types of food. I'll be sure to share.

In the meantime, you can get your own Char Crust to try at Amazon. This container is selling for $8.99 with FREE shipping if your purchase totals $25 or more.


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