Natural Remedies

My mom is a nurse.
I grew up in a house where medicine was readily available and frequently suggested.
I'm not afraid to use medicine to help my boys feel better.
I absolutely opt for drugs during childbirth.

However if I can ever find a natural solution that works hair as well as a medicinal one, I am all about that. So when Matys offered to send me some of their natural products to test, I immediately said yes.

Last night, I broke out the all natural vapor rub as we are all struggling with allergies and stuffy noses at our house.

We have long been users of traditional vapor rub in our house, so I was intrigued by the information I found on Maty's website about the concern in having petroleum and menthol in the products you use. Menthol can reportedly increase mucus production in some users and infant nasal passages are not large enough to accommodate this increase.

I have to tell you that this vapor rub smells like wintergreen gum. I'm personally not a fan of wintergreen so that was a stumbling block for me. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, they'll create an alternative fragrance or make the eucalyptus or peppermint a little heavier as I like both of those scents.

I will absolutely use this product on my children in the future though. I can feel good about what I'm putting on them while at the same time knowing it is both safe and effective!

You can purchase this Maty's product direct from Amazon right now for $14.99.


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