Get $10 Promo Codes for Plum District - EXPIRED!

Plum District codes expired 06/30/2012!

Here are the deals I have running on Plum District right now . . . there are many other quality deals (a lot which I have personally purchased) in addition to these. Keep reading to see how to get your FREE $10 Plum District promo code.

There are some great deals available right now, you can also use the promo code VISA10 to get an additional 10% off, and getting $10 back makes them even better:



OriginalIf you are a local DFW blogger, this summer camp deal - $35 for 2 days at My Gym Frisco is also popular right now.

If you are wanting to make a Plum District purchase, please consider using this link for returning plum district customers which helps support the MelissaStuff blog.

So now to the part you were looking for, how do you get your own $10 card to use on deals at Plum District . . .

Do any of these things and leave a comment below and I'll send you your own $10 promo code. (Limited quantity available.)

1. Make a purchase at Plum District and forward your purchase confirmation email to

2. Add MelissaStuff to your circle of influence by Google+, FacebookTwitterNetworked BlogsRSS, or email. 

3. Subscribe to Plum District emails. Follow Plum District or Plum District Dallas on Facbook.

4. Post about a Plum District deal.

5. Tweet about the offers. Follow @MelStuffBlog and/or @PlumDistrictDFW to hear all of the best offers first.

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