Warning: Adult Content

I was offered the opportunity to review a new book - Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex. Intriguing title and I'm married and have a license to do just that so I thought it would be an interesting read.

And so it was . . .

Now let me start by saying this is NOT a Christian book. It is NOT written from a Christian perspective. And if you are easily offended by crass language or specific sexual commentary then this is not a book for you to read.

But, my husband and I have really enjoyed it. It makes some great points, and has a refreshing view of long term relationships.

Basically, the two ladies that wrote this book are offering up the idea that by using the rationalization that we are "one" as a couple we have allowed mediocrity, over-familarity, rudeness and crassness to reduce the sexual attraction between men and women who have been together more than a couple of years.

I didn't ask my husband to read this book, but since it was laying around and he was clearly attracted to the big "Sex!" on the cover he picked it up and read several different parts. Then he came to me and started telling me how he thought they had a good point - about shutting the door when you go to the bathroom and being discreet about body functions and treating each other with respect. That's downright impressive right there . . . and then he started implementing these things without any real encouragement or even agreement from me.

This is a good read. There is some terminology that could be offensive and the book refers to relationships both married and simply longterm dating relationships - all from a sexual perspective. So with that forewarning, it might be worth picking up a copy to see if you think any of the ideas would help you make life a bit more, umm spicy there at home.


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