My Mother Would Be Appalled

I'm going to try something new. (My mother would be appalled if she knew I was going to talk about this topic with the entire Internet, but just promise not to tell her.)

I'm going to try waxing. 

I have had one waxing session before in my life. It was not in a very tender place. It was a very spur of the moment decision and everything went fine. Of course, I really have nothing to compare it too, but I think the end result was what it was supposed to be and I was not in pain, although my skin was a bit red.

Now, I'm going all in. There is a new place opening in Plano called the European Wax Center. All they do is waxing. And they use a different technique than most places.

Here are the big differences:

  • Their wax contains no alcohol. It's made of 100% natural beeswax.
  • The wax is applied at warm bath water temperature. No stinging temperatures.
  •  No Double Dipping - some places use the same wax on multiple clients. Ick!!

  • One of the other things I loved is that they offer a variety of ways to purchase their services. The two that appealed to me the most were . . .

    Unlimited Waxing - One Year, One Price and Unlimited Waxing

    Pre-Paid Waxing - First Time Clients can get 3 FREE services when they pay for 9 upfront.

    Are you intrigued yet? Well, you can get unlimited waxing FREE at your first appointment during premiere week (February 14 - 17) at the European Wax Center located at the Preston Park Village. Just call 972-905-3789 and make your appointment now.

    I'm serious. I'm going all in. I'll be back after my first session to tell you what I think . . . just don't tell my mama!


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