The Mail Came . . . UPDATED!

And look at what it brought - my boys beautiful minky nap mats! They are going to LOVE them.

I'm telling you. They're going to want to carry these everywhere until their feet hang out the bottom and even then they may use them as a throw to cover up on the couch or on their bed.

The only problem I had is that in my haste to get them ordered and delivered I accidentally bought the same one twice! Ugh, so I guess I need to get them embroidered so we can tell them apart. Bet it would have been cheaper to have them do it before they shipped them.

The best news is that they're still available around the country on various Plum District sites and some of them may even have 25% codes available. Right now, if you use this link you can enter the code CONN25 at checkout and get 25% off!

If you're a new Plum District customer and sign up with this link, you'll automatically get $5 FREE. You can also use the code VISA10 to get 10% off.

These mats aren't available in Dallas anymore, but you can use the code DALLAS25 on any local deal.

If you're a returning Plum District customer, you can use this link to make your purchase and support the MelissaStuff Blog.


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