I Like . . .

For Valentine's Day at our house, life is pretty low key. We say Happy Valentine's. We have parties at school. And if Momma remembers to grab something small for everyone then they might get a "Valentine" from me.

But this year, I actually had planned ahead a bit and purchased two things for each boy. 

The first was not the success I had hoped. Each boy got a Wii game specifically purchased to give them alternatives to the shoot 'em up (LEGO style) games they prefer. 

Riley got a circus theme - out of everything on it, they found the cannon and shot it over and over.

Colt got a Broadway dance game (I thought Broadway would be safe not masculine maybe, but safe!) - and the first song they chose said:

Look at my a$$, Look at my thighs
I'm catnip to the guys
They chase my tail
They drool and pant
They wanna touch this but they can't.

Seriously??? Broadway Wii game, people. What happened to Lion King, Mary Poppins, Wicked?

So that one is a no-go. Then Weston got a game with all kinds of games involving balls, which are some of his favorite items in the world. But proceeded to be more interested in the Maisy Mouse book that I threw in at the last minute since he can't technically play a Wii game.

Good thing there was a second part to their gifts . . .

Each of them got one of the I Like . . . books.

The concept behind the I Like books is simple, but important. How often do you stop to tell the people you love exactly what you like about them? We gripe. We pick. We give general compliments - I love you. I'm proud of you. You did a good job. But what about I like the way your eyes light up when we watch sports together. Or I like the way you ask really good questions about whatever we're discussing. Or I like the way you make everyone in the family laugh until they're crying.

How important is it for our kids to hear that kind of thing? How important is it for our spouses?

It's so simplistic though, I wondered at first if my kids would think it was stupid or not get why it was important. But we started last night by asking each of them to tell us something about the other one that we could write in their book. They gave great, well thought out answers and we wrote them in.

Today, my oldest son has asked me on two separate occasions if he can get his I Like book and read it - umm, it only has two lines filled out and I can tell him what they say, but obviously it's already feeding his little heart with encouragement and that I LOVE.

The I Like Books sell for $19.95 and have been featured on multiple deal sites. Keep an eye out or grab one on the I Like site today. I have a feeling this is one gift that will be cherished for a long time to come.

(Now to get rid of that ridiculous dance game . . .)


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